Guide to Requesting a Commission

Do you want to commission a collage but don’t know where to start or how it works? Here is a guide to help you out! 

A lot of people enjoy my work, but do not see a collage they like enough to take home or the one they want is already sold, but not to worry! We can work on a collage together based on your ideas and visual preferences whether it is for your home or a gift for someone else.

Have this guide open while filling out your form to help you out with each step.


Commission Request Form


After your form is submitted we will discuss my availability, the time frame I will need to finish your collage and down payment.



There are lots of options for sizing to fit your needs whether it be for a specific wall space or simply needs to fit your budget.

Please email me through my contact page to request a price list based on sizing.

Available sizing for wooden panels (1.5" deep):

3” x 5” (diptych)

6” x 6”

8” x 6”

8” x 10”

10” x 10”

12” x 12”

11” x 14”

12” x 16”

16” x 20”

*If you would like larger than 16” x 20” I can reproduce your collage as a mounted print and frame it. Example sizes are 28” x 34”, 44” x 30”. With reproductions we can do any size you like.

These large reproductions are matte prints that are mounted on omega bond and finished off with a white floater frame. You will be given the original along with your reproduction.

They look absolutely beautiful. See examples below.



What themes, ideas, objects and aspects do you want to see in your collage?

Examples: love, relationships, family, animals, etc.

You can be very vague or specific with this part. Some people know exactly what they want to see and others let me take the reins and enjoy being surprised in the end. If you like a collage that is sold and want something similar provide me with the title. This will help me see what style you like and are looking for.

From this information I will look for base images that relate to your ideas and themes. I will provide you with at least 2-6 options for you to choose from. You can also provide me with your own images – send me the images and I can decide whether it is something I can work with.

What colours do you want in your collage?

Some like me to decide this, but if you have colour preferences let me know.



When do you need this collage completed by?

Here is a time frame guide showing approximately how much time I will need to complete your commission:


3” x 5” (diptych)

6" x 6"                                    ---->   1 WEEK

8" x 6" 


8” x 10”    

10” x 10”                                 ---->   1-2 WEEKS                        

12” x 12”                           

11” x 14”


12” x 16”                                  ---->   2-3 WEEKS       

16” x 20”


Large Scale Reproduction     ----> 1-1.5 MONTHS


4.  Down Payment

 Once you give me a thumbs up on the project I will send an invoice to your email for the down payment.


For any wooden panel collage the down payment is $100.00.


For a large reproduction the down payment is $800.00.




I hope this guide makes it easy for you to request your commission and I look forward to creating and collaborating with you!


Click here to see examples of my commissioned work.