Nicole Moss is an award-winning collage artist living and working in Toronto. In 2015, Moss graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

With a life-long dream to be a painter, Moss’ creative interests took a detour when she discovered the world of cut-and-paste collage. She says she was attracted to the artistic style for its unique aesthetic and the way in which ordinary or obtuse images could be superimposed into surreal compositions. Moss also notes the fine craftsmanship and almost surgical precision involved in cut-and-paste collage is one of the aspects she most enjoys about working in this style.

Though the phrase ‘art imitates life’ is perhaps a bit passé—Moss draws artistic inspiration from a sleep disorder she is afflicted with, non-rapid eye movement (NREM) parasomnia, which causes heightened dreams, sleep walking and other confusional arousal behaviours. Able to recall her dreams in vivid detail, she channels these nonsensical visions into her collages. The subconscious mind is a theme Moss often explores in her art and has, in-turn, become the young artist’s quasi-calling card.

Echoing a Freudian-like theory about dreams, Moss believes that dreams represent an individual’s unconscious desires, thoughts and motivations. She says it is conscious awareness, however, that hinges individuals and represses the thoughts we store away in the dark, recesses of our minds.

Like the Fortress of Solitude is to Superman, Moss’ dream world, which she enters each night in her sleep, enables her to ‘reflect’ on the truths she seeks in her life. Because of the juxtaposed nature of collage art, it acts as a conduit for Moss to express and explore her subconscious mind.

In each collage, she aims to create a world and narrative to challenge one’s deepest beliefs, thoughts and fears. The themes explored most frequently in her work include relationships, family dynamics, feminism and Western cultural precepts.

Much of the imagery in her collages is collected from vintage magazines and used books and then assembled on to her white wooden panels with traditional cut-and-paste methods. Moss says collaging is an effective medium to present counter-culture and challenging ideas because of the way contrasting images can be pieced together to create contradictory scenes. The arrangement of such diverse images is a romantic process based on what she believes to be objective chance, producing meaningful and mystical insight. 





2011-2015              Ontario College of Art and Design University

                              Toronto, Ontario

                              Bachelor of Fine Arts

                              Major: Drawing and Painting


2014-2016             Ontario College of Art and Design University

                              Toronto, Ontario

                              Digital Media Skills Certificate




2018                    Finalist - Spectrum Miami Art Fair Competition: Circle Foundation for the Arts


2018                     Best of Paper: Toronto Outdoor Art Fair


2016                     Best of 2D Media: Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 


2016                     Free Booth at The Artist Project 2016: Untapped Emerging Artist Competition 


2015                     Illustration Professional Runner-Up: Creative Quarterly 42


2015                     Best Of Drawing and Illustration: Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition



2018 Artworks 2018

Bi-Annual OCADU Alumni Exhibition Catalogue

2018 CBC Arts

20 personal stories about mental health, 1 pop-up poster show

2018 Toronto Star

New subway poster campaign showcases Canadian artists taking aim at mental health stigma

2018                      Counterbalance

                              In person interview/video         


2018                      Blank Spaces Magazine

                              Volume 2, Issue 3 March 2018, Cover Page and 4 page article


2018                      Aesthetica Magazine

                              Issue 81 February/March 2018


2017                       ARTORONTO

                              Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2017, web article/feature


2017                       Novella Magazine

                              Hot List: Artist, web article/feature   


2017                       She Does The City

                              The Artist Project: 3 Women To Watch, web article/interview                         


2017                       Creators Commune          

                              #Creator: Nicole Moss at The Artist Project, web article/interview


Collaborative Projects


2018                     Dust of Gods (Apparel) 

                             Collages for 2018 Summer Collection


Collections (Public, Corporate, Private)


2018                    Tadrissi Studio, Toronto, ON

2017                    The Broadview Hotel, Toronto, ON


Charitable Donations of Artwork for Auctions


2016                    Fundraiser of "The New Mom Project", Toronto, ON

                            Yellow House Gallery Presents "Grow Up and Give" Art Party


2016                    Children's Aid Foundation of Canada Gala, Toronto, ON   


Mentor Experience   


2017                   Art Encounters Program, Toronto, ON

                           Supported by Ontario Arts Council 


Solo Exhibitions


2015                      Ben Navaee Gallery, Toronto, ON

                              Altered Narrative


Juried Exhibitions


2015                      OCAD University, Toronto, ON

                              2014/2015 Fourth Year Awards & Medals Jury         


Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Mad Ones Gallery, Toronto, ON

Group Show

2019                  The Artist Project 2019, Toronto, ON

                          Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place

2018 OCAD University Bi-Annual Alumni Exhibition, Toronto, ON

Artworks 2018

2018 “Life on the Line” Launch Event, Toronto, ON

NO Foundation

2018 Emerging Artist Exhibition Presented by Ontario Society of Artists, Etobicoke, ON

Neilson Park Creative Centre

2018 Arta Gallery, Toronto, ON

Icons Group Show


2018                  Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, ON

                          Nathan Phillips Square


2018                  The Artist Project 2018, Toronto, ON

                          Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place


2017                  Art Hub Gallery, Toronto, ON

                          Cross-Breeds: An Exhibition of Collage, Mixed-Media, and Other Hybrids


2017                  Red Head Gallery, Toronto, ON

                          Nuit Blanche - Who Are You? Salon Soiree


2017                  Artfest Toronto, Toronto, ON

                          The Distillery Historic District


2017                  Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, ON

                          Nathan Phillips Square


2017                   The Artist Project 2017, Toronto, ON  

                           Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place


2016                  Yellow House Gallery, Toronto, ON

                          We Are All Precious Snowflakes: Holiday Exhibition


2016                   Yogathetix, Toronto, ON

                           Collages by Nicole Moss & Maria A. Vassiliou


2016                   Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto, ON

                           MUSE 2016 - A Representational Art Exhibition


2016                   Artfest Toronto, Toronto, ON

                           The Distillery Historic District         


2016                   The Mod Club, Toronto, ON

                            RAW: Toronto Presents Verve


2016                   Aurora Cultural Centre, Aurora, ON

                           Agape Me: A Contemporary Lens on Love & Marriage


2016                   Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, ON

                           Nathan Phillips Square


2016                    Dylan Ellis Gallery, Toronto, ON



2016                    Nature's Millworks, Paisley, ON

                            Catch the Wave of Art


2016                    Art Gallery of Burlington, Toronto, ON

                            38th Annual Art Auction


2016                    Yellow House Gallery, Toronto, ON

                            Grow Up and Give Art Party: The New Mom Project Fundraiser


2016                     Yellow House Gallery, Toronto, ON

                             Second Wave: Yellow House Gallery's Anniversary Exhibition and Birthday Bash


2016                     Propeller Gallery, Toronto, ON

                             Come Together, curated by Barbara Astman 


2016                     The Artist Project 2016: UNTAPPED Emerging Artists Competition, Toronto, ON

                              Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place


2016                      OCAD University, Toronto, ON

                              The Big Draw


2015                      Ben Navaee Gallery, Toronto, ON

                              Black and White 2015


2015                      Yellow House Gallery, Toronto, ON

                               We Are All Precious Snowflakes: Holiday Exhibition


2015                      Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, ON

                              Nathan Phillips Square


2015                      Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Facility, Mississauga, ON

                              Experiencing Perspectives 2015-2016


2015                      Office of Continuing Studies at OCAD University, Toronto, ON

                              Mirrors and Lenses


2015                      OCAD University, Toronto, ON

                              OCAD University 100th Annual Graduate Exhibition


2015                      Moniker Gallery, Toronto, ON

                              Deeply Disturbed


2014                      OCAD University, Toronto, ON

                              The Big Draw


2014                      OCAD Open Gallery, Toronto, ON

                              OCAD Popped