Hello, my name is Nicole Moss. I am an award winning collage artist currently living and working in Toronto. I studied drawing and painting at OCAD University, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2015. Even though I may have previously identified as a painter, I discovered my passion for traditional cut and paste collage and fell in love with this artistic method. And although I have for the most part left painting behind I still use its essential influences to create my current pieces.


While dreaming every night I feel very connected to the visions my mind creates, and as a result have a particular fascination with my subconscious. I have been diagnosed with NREM (non-rapid eye movement) parasomnia (which causes confusional arousals); with the common result being that I awaken and become mobile while still remaining in a sleep state. While experiencing this condition I am unable to fully awake from my dreams, and as a result I interact with the people and objects around me. This causes my mind to perceive images that are not actually there, making me question the ultimate nature of reality. I feel my dream world is its own distinctive landscape, which gives me a unique insight into the fundamental truths we all seek in our waking lives.

My fixation with dreams and the subconscious has caused me to create artwork that is both unusual and surreal. Within each collage I aim to create a particular world and a unique narrative that can challenge one’s deepest beliefs, thoughts, and fears. The themes I try to explore most frequently include relationships, family dynamics, feminism, and Western cultural precepts. For the most part, the images come from my large collection of vintage magazines and used books. I take these images straight from the pages and assemble them with traditional cut and paste methods. I believe collage to be the perfect medium to display challenging ideas because of the opportunity it provides for the potential distortion and modification of these images. The arrangement of such diverse images is a romantic process based on what I believe to be objective chance, which can produce meaningful and mystical insight.  





2011-2015              Ontario College of Art and Design University

                              Toronto, Ontario

                              Bachelor of Fine Arts

                              Major: Drawing and Painting


2014-2016             Ontario College of Art and Design University

                              Toronto, Ontario

                              Digital Media Skills Certificate




2016                     Best of 2D Media: Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 


2016                     Free Booth at The Artist Project 2016: Untapped Emerging Artist Competition 


2015                     Illustration Professional Runner-Up: Creative Quarterly 42


2015                     Best Of Drawing and Illustration: Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition



Solo Exhibitions


2015                      Ben Navaee Gallery, Toronto, ON

                              Altered Narrative


Juried Exhibitions


2015                      OCAD University, Toronto, ON

                              2014/2015 Fourth Year Awards & Medals Jury         


Selected Group Exhibitions


2017                  Art Hub Gallery, Toronto, ON

                          Cross-Breeds: An Exhibition of Collage, Mixed-Media, and Other Hybrids


2017                  Red Head Gallery, Toronto, ON

                          Nuit Blanche - Who Are You? Salon Soiree


2017                  The Distillery Historic District, Toronto, ON

                          Artfest Toronto


2017                  Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, ON

                          Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2017 


2017                   The Artist Project 2017, Toronto, ON  

                           Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place


2016                  Yellow House Gallery, Toronto, ON

                          We Are All Precious Snowflakes: Holiday Exhibition


2016                   Yogathetix, Toronto, ON

                           Collages by Nicole Moss & Maria A. Vassiliou


2016                   Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto, ON

                           MUSE 2016 - A Representational Art Exhibition


2016                   The Distillery Historic District, Toronto, ON

                           Artfest Toronto           


2016                   The Mod Club, Toronto, ON

                            RAW: Toronto Presents Verve


2016                   Aurora Cultural Centre, Aurora, ON

                           Agape Me: A Contemporary Lens on Love & Marriage


2016                   Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, 0N

                           Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition


2016                    Dylan Ellis Gallery, Toronto, ON



2016                    Nature's Millworks, Paisley, ON

                            Catch the Wave of Art


2016                    Art Gallery of Burlington, Toronto, ON

                            38th Annual Art Auction


2016                    Yellow House Gallery, Toronto, ON

                            Grow Up and Give Art Party: The New Mom Project Fundraiser


2016                     Yellow House Gallery, Toronto, ON

                             Second Wave: Yellow House Gallery's Anniversary Exhibition and Birthday Bash


2016                     Propeller Gallery, Toronto, ON

                             Come Together, curated by Barbara Astman 


2016                     The Artist Project 2016: UNTAPPED Emerging Artists Competition, Toronto, ON

                              Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place


2016                      OCAD University, Toronto, ON

                              The Big Draw


2015                      Ben Navaee Gallery, Toronto, ON

                              Black and White 2015


2015                      Yellow House Gallery, Toronto, ON

                               We Are All Precious Snowflakes: Holiday Exhibition


2015                      Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, ON

                              Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition


2015                      Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Facility, Mississauga, ON

                              Experiencing Perspectives 2015-2016


2015                      Office of Continuing Studies at OCAD University, Toronto, ON

                              Mirrors and Lenses


2015                      OCAD University, Toronto, ON

                              OCAD University 100th Annual Graduate Exhibition


2015                      Moniker Gallery, Toronto, ON

                              Deeply Disturbed


2014                      OCAD University, Toronto, ON

                              The Big Draw


2014                      OCAD Open Gallery, Toronto, ON

                              OCAD Popped