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"Art usually never 'speaks' to me like it does others. I enjoy it greatly, but in no way, would I be considered an aficionado. Nicole's art, however, has a way of connecting with me on levels that make me appreciate the craft beyond the surface. I especially love her creativity and her attention to detail. I've developed an unhealthy obsession with her work, owning over 10 pieces and even commissioning her for personal pieces on occasions. Every single frame is proudly hanging on my walls with their own unique and relatable stories. Beyond just her talents, she's one of the nicest and genuine people I've had the pleasure of meeting. I wish nothing but the utmost love and success for her." 

-Amanda C.


"I first saw Nicole's collages at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in Toronto. I love how detailed, intricate and meaningful her collages are. Her work is something you must see in person in order to fully appreciate the craftsmanship and delicacy, nothing an Instagram post can fully capture!"

-Wandy C.


"As an avid art lover and looker, I'm always on the hunt for truly remarkable artworks to add to my collection. When I first saw Nicole's artwork at the Artist Project's untapped area in 2016 I was immediately hooked. I walked around the rest of the show, all the while being unable to get her pieces out of my mind. I particularly fell in love with her work, A Story. The blend of colour and black and white, combined with the boldness of the chosen images created an unforgettable piece of art. When I inquired about the artwork, Nicole explained the significance of the piece and what had inspired her, even including a description to take home. An art history major's dream! I saw Nicole's work again at the summer art fair in Nathan Philips Square and was once more drawn into her intriguingly beautiful collages. And I left with another piece, which probably won't be the last. Nicole's work weaves together found images of pop culture and history to form unique pieces of art, each with its own story to tell. Her work is the perfect addition to any art lover's collection!"

-Alyssia N.


I love her work. The Baby Renaissance series truly inspires me!

-Claire T.


"We first met Nicole at an art show in the Toronto Distillery District. Her unique and colourful collages stood out to us immediately. Her incredible attention to detail was impressive and the images were alluring. We also loved the stories that went with each piece. After speaking with Nicole, I knew that I would be purchasing a piece in the future as a gift for my husband. Having never commissioned a piece of art before, I was a bit unsure of what I wanted or what to expect. After providing Nicole with some information, she promptly replied with some ideas and images that were exactly what I had in mind. Nicole was amazing to work with; always open to my feedback and making sure that the final product was something that I loved, which it was. When I received the collage, it was beautifully packaged and I couldn't wait to give it to my husband. When he opened it, he was blown away. He loved how perfectly Nicole had captivated so many important elements of his life and the symbolism that she had thoughtfully incorporated. I couldn't have been happier with my purchase, and my husband says it is by far the best gift he has ever received. It's hanging in our home and will no doubt be cherished for years to come. I would highly recommend anyone looking to buy artwork, either for themselves or as a gift, to contact Nicole. She was great to work with and is skillfully talented. I look forward to working with Nicole on another collage in the future."

-Tara A.


"I had chosen to purchase Nicole’s artwork Ipseity because it had offered a very unique visual perspective of a woman who is trying to carve out her identity in the world. The medium used (collage) was innovative and original. It had differed from other collage works that I had seen before. It currently resides in my study/home office where I have other artworks adorning my walls and knick-knack shelves. That being said, whenever someone drops by for a visit; they have always commented on Ipseity. They have found it intriguing and after I had explained to them her inspiration for this particular piece they were truly impressed by both the quality and the idea behind the artwork. For me personally and without going into detail, I could truly empathize with the imagery. Her work has a profound meaning behind it. The visual element is captivating because it does not overwhelm or clutter one's sight. It focuses on the main theme, not detract or distract from it. Also, as the artist, she was able to provide a very thorough and insightful explanation for each of her pieces. Something that I have found that other artists are not able to muster."

-Marsha W.


"I first met Nicole and viewed her artwork at the Toronto Outdoor Art Show and again at The Artist Project - after walking both shows, I felt her art really stood out because it's unique to see collage.  I have a fondness for mix media - Nicole's collages use vintage materials to create one-of-a-kind, stylized pieces.  What I like about the works Sea Smoke and The Game is that they both evoke a certain time and place, a mood and a story, and together as part of a series, they create an interesting narrative about relationships.  Her work is also very beautiful and it brings me great joy to admire her work every day in my home."   

-Vanessa S.




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