The Perfect Gift: Stand Out Amongst The Rest

Christmas is quickly approaching and you haven't completed your Christmas shopping or even started for that fact.

You're freaking out - the mall crowds, everything will be out of stock and you have no clue what to get anyone on your list. 


We all love to tell ourselves that we are going to get our shopping done early in a stress free manner, but let's face it... most of us are procrastinators. That leaves you with making a classic dad move: picking up a good old gift card.

I am here to say DON'T DO IT! I have your answer!

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The Perfect Gift: ARTWORK

Artwork can be a great gift for any occasion, whether it is for Christmas, a birthday, baby shower, a thank you gift, etc.

Buying artwork for someone else can be quite daunting and intimidating, but I am here to tell you it does not have to be. When they receive this gift it will without a doubt make them feel very appreciated and special. 

Now you do not need to get them a gigantic piece to go in their foyer or above their couch. A small artwork that won't take up much room on their wall is the safe way to go, that way you are not risking them not having the wall space to hang it up. 

So let's get into the reasons why artwork makes the perfect gift!

1. It is unique/one of a kind

When shopping for a gift, you are trying to avoid these problems all people fear facing: the receiver not liking the gift and getting them the same thing someone else got them. Most people do not keep what they receive, as 54% return their gifts to the store. 

You want your gift to be as unique as possible to avoid this embarrassing moment and huge let down for you and the receiver. So to avoid this at all costs, getting an original artwork is the perfect answer.

They will think you are a genius and put in a great amount of effort to purchase this gift - you being the best person ever!

Skyline, Handmade collage - matte print mounted on omega bond, 72" x 20"





2. They need it


Nearly 70% of people have never purchased artwork for their home, with almost 50% citing cost as the main barrier to buying. So, chances are that person has empty space on their walls.

People also do not tend to buy art since it is not a priority or an essential need. It can be a costly luxury. All artwork is not millions of dollars though! You can find many original artworks under $500. 

The best thing you can do is to support an emerging artist, who usually prices their artwork quite low, like moi!  Your wallet will be happy and you will be helping an artist with their career.

And this brings me to my next point: it becomes an asset.











3. It is an asset that could make them rich one day

If you give someone a pair of socks, they wear them over and over again and eventually have to throw them away. They deplete in value, like most gifts you would choose to give.

Artwork is a gift that will only appreciate in value. You are providing an asset for that person to potentially sell in the future. Who knows, maybe that emerging artist you bought an original artwork from becomes famous and that artwork is worth millions!

If you are on a tight budget you can always purchase a print of the artwork you had in mind, which you can usually find for $100 or less. 


Check out SOCIETY6 for a wide variety of affordable prints and fun merchandise from artists:

4. It is personal and will last a lifetime


When purchasing an artwork think about their favourite colours, passions, personal style, where they come from, etc. All of these little things you know about this person will be helpful when picking out that drawing, painting, collage or sculpture. When they see their interests in this artwork they will notice how well you know them and feel very valued.

Every time they look at it they will feel that joy of when they received it. You are not only giving them an object, but giving them an experience and feeling that will last a lifetime.

The best gifts are the ones you can go back to every now and then and be reminded of the wonderful memories and connection you have experienced with that person. 

You can also commission an artist to create an artwork based on your ideas and specific guidelines. This would be even more personalized and special!


The Other Side, Handmade collage on wooden panel, 16" x 20"

So where do you find this perfect artwork?

There are many options: go to a gallery in person or shop through online galleries like Saatchi Art, Zatista, Amazon or Ebay. You can also shop directly on artists' websites, like mine. Feel free to check out my online store for original artworks. Take a look:


If you are still hesitant to whether an artwork is the right gift to give, take a look at my testimonial page and read about how happy people are to receive a personalized artwork:

I hope this helped you on your journey to find the perfect present for that special someone. HAPPY SHOPPING!

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