- Make a statement with a large reproduction collage -

The unique achievements of our race, pictured here in their sculpted and crafted unity. An imaginary metropolis existing not in reality but only in thought, the many works of mankind linked together. Each culture’s aspirations displayed here in physical forms, all of them with their subtle differences but all part of that same monumental urge, that same desire for expression. As people have spread to all corners of the world, so too has our work spread across the globe—not only a city’s buildings, with vaulted steel to symbolize a human’s pride, but those artistic works that display a human’s heart, their innermost expressions. Each one of these monuments so identifiable, rising in the skylines of our minds, yet in actuality placed in far off locales, hidden amongst other lesser works. The Statue of Liberty stands proud in the middle of the frame here, a constant symbol of freedom and equality. The birds of many colours fly here as well, those creatures who see these monuments like no other, and use these structures as their unnatural homes, adapting rock, lights, steel, and glass to their own purpose. All of these great works stand for many to admire, with each one representing a human’s newest chapter of advancement, ability, and belief.


Handmade collage - matte print mounted on omega bond with white floater frame

- Available -

72" x 24"

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