A Cherry On Top

On this day the man finds himself a year older, his beloved ready to glide beside him, her form about to move soundlessly and with utmost grace. They will move on frozen fields, unaware of the dangers in their past and future, those hidden masses that will come to disturb their lovely lives. This woman proudly presents herself as the only offering the man will ever need, the only gift to truly warm and enrich him in the years ahead. Lower in the frame rests a single cherry—its outer skin bright and deepest red, concealing its flesh within, much like the happiness of a good day remembered hides the turmoil of normal life. This piece presents the automobile in its infancy—a simple machine carrying this simple couple to a most unknowable destination. The car’s cabin packed with ice formed over years past, transporting both this chill and the two admiring companions. The trees herein remain tipped with many colours of inflated cheer, these celebratory leaves to disappear with the ensuing seasons, only to be replaced by new adornments and new birthdays to come.