Collage Care and Conservation

Congratulations on purchasing and now owning an original Nicole Moss artwork!

Here are some tips on how to care for your handmade collage made on wooden panel. 


  • The best way to protect your collage is to frame it properly behind a sheet of glass or plexiglass, leaving a space between the glass and the collage surface. This will act as a barrier to airborne dust and pollutants, as well as the hands of people. You will need to make sure the piece is well secured in the frame; if it is too loose dust can creep in.

                                      Toronto Image Works is great for framing. Click here to visit the website.

  • Proper glazing on your frame will help in the longevity of your collage. Higher grade glazing provides greater protection for your piece.

  • Framing your work protects the collaged image from light, as light and UV can make the artwork fade overtime.


  • You do not have to frame your collage or frame it behind glass, as you can take care of it by dusting it every now and then. I have coated your collage with a waterbase sealer/finish to insure it lasts and is protected. I would personally not frame it because I have put details on the sides of the collage that are beautiful to see!

  • Incandescent light has no UV component, so your artwork will be safe with this type of light without a frame.

  • Your collage should be kept in an environmentally controlled room at 18-23 Degrees Celsius, with low humidity.


Last but not least take care of it with love.